Gay Guys Who Love Comic Books

public - created 04/24/05
It's all about homosexual men, faggots, masculine identified queers and all other flavors of gay men who love comic books, sequential art, superheroes, capes, sidekicks, word balloons, graphic novels, the vast ocean of unspoken love between Batman and his various Robins, the special feeling of going to the comic book store on Wednesdays with your boyfriend (or boyfriends), Marvel comics, DC comics, action figures of comic book characters, City of Heroes, City of Villains, Apollo and Midnighter, poor dead Northstar, the gay-for-two-seconds Beast, and exclamation points!!!

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Training for a place on the team  photo flag
At the VA clinic  photo flag
The YMCA of yesterday  photo flag
Circus in town  photo flag
Circus time again  photo flag
On the street where you live  photo flag
Another Motel 6 affair  photo flag
Go on your date, but I get it first  photo flag
I can't resist  photo flag
The bride come home  photo flag
Just married  photo flag
The boys next door  photo flag
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Free Gay Porn Tribe  topic
San Diego Comic-Con  topic
Anyone Here Playing DC Universe Online?  topic
WB's look at new Young Justice toon  topic
Wonder Womans new costume  topic
Any Raunchy Comics?  topic
any Utah gay comic book fans here?  topic
I'm Dc, I'm Marvel The Musical  topic
Knock knock  topic
Tim Gunn critiques Superhero Costumes  topic
My BLACKEST NIGHT column  topic

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